PTSO Meeting Dates

Join us at our monthly meetings. We invite you to hear about school news, student activities, speakers and upcoming events.

Come socialize with parents, be informed,get involved…make a difference!

Each meeting generally lasts less than an hour and includes a brief update from each Grade Representative, the Educator Liaison and Principal Rob Dennis. The “S” in PTSO stands for “student” , we proudly have student representation at each meeting.  Last year, this included club and student presentations, recognition and grant requests.

Local organizations are invited to give a very brief report on their group’s activities. Monthly this includes SEPTA, occasionally it may include the Legislative Action Committee (LAC), Arts Angels, Booster Club and Viking Foundation.

Yes…This all takes place in less than an hour. You’ll have a chance to win raffles too!


Tuesday, Sept 26th – Parent Mixer @TBD

Tuesday, October 17th

Wednesday, November 15th

Wednesday,Jan 17th

Tuesday, Feb 6th

Tuesday, March 13th 

Wednesday, April 25th   

Monday, May 7th 


Meetings are usually held in in the Middle School Library at 7pm and generally last less than an hour.

Your ideas, questions and comments are welcome!

Email reminders will notify you of any changes in the time or place.

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