2016-2017 PTSO Executive Board Members

Co-President: Leti Barbetta    Lbarbetta

Co-President: Suzi Cullen        Suzie Cullen

Treasurer:  Kathleen Reynolds  Kmptcreynolds

Recording Secretary:  Elena Nikolaeva    Helennikola

6th Grade Representative: Lisa Coppola     Lisalmdd

7th Grade Representative: Suzanne Piszczatowski    Suznp

8th Grade Representatives: Cindy Neugeubaer     Neueg1

8th Grade Representatives: Denise Rieger   Rieger

Educator Liaison: Rob Hert     HertR

Principal: Dr Marc Ferris      FerrisM

Not sure who to contact? Do you have a general question or comment?

Email us at:

If you are sending in any forms and/or payments, please remember to seal the items in an envelope clearly marked “PTSO”  and send it in to our mailbox located in the Middle School Main Office, either with your child or you can mail it to us at:


North Shore Middle School

505 Glen Cove Avenue

Glen Head, NY 11545

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